A Wizard Application designed to assist the current user in setting up a Batch Plot session of multiple Grid Maps utilizing the same settings for each Map. As the current user selected settings in each step of the Wizard, the Wizard evaluated their input and adjusted the available options on the downstream Wizard steps. When the current user reached the final step in the Wizard, the settings usually only required preferential changes. Once the current user finished the Wizard, all scripting information was generated and processing was automatically handed off to Autodesk ScriptPro which was provided to the customer upon purchase of the software

Key Benefits:

  • Assisted the current user in setting up a successful Batch Plot session
  • Ensured all plots were generated with uniform settings
  • Allowed the current user to filter Available Drawings by Drawing Type, Status, Scale, and Wildcards
  • Allowed the current user to apply Custom Layer States to the Batch Plot job
  • Allowed access to all plot settings normally available during a regular AutoCAD plot session
  • Utilized Autodesk ScriptPro provided with the product upon purchase
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